Transform your everyday into magic through reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors.

If you’ve heard the call of your Celtic ancestors of blood and bone, or simply have an affinity for the traditions of those places in Northern Europe that spoke Celtic languages, I welcome you. This space is to explore the sacred traditions of the so-called Celtic lands and reclaim their power for our modern lives. I offer courses and in-person consultations for people who need direction and healing.

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Celtic Dream Divination

This free resource contains collected ancestral dream divination practices from across Northwestern Europe that is meant to enhance your own dreaming practice. It also contains some tips for building a relationship with your dreams to bolster their divinatory power.

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Welcome to the Cozy Cottage Life blog- I'm Jessica, and I share content focused on making your home and life as cozy as possible.

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Roses and rowan

I’m an award-winning published poet, erstwhile medical anthropologist, Jungian enthusiast, Certified Health Coach, birthing rights activist, divination and oracular arts practitioner, and teach classes on traditional Celtic hearth arts. I’ve completed in-depth training on the folk magic practices and related plants of Northern Europe, particularly the so-called Celtic lands. These traditions belong not only to my ancestors of blood and bone, but to all who are interested in how to connect back to the Earth. Read more…

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Drawing from my years as a practitioner of oracular divination (also known as using my intuitive skill to provide insight), I can tap into the deep energies that surround your question, providing vital insight. Drawing from my basis in Northern European folk magic practice and with the guidance of my wise and well ancestors, my practice is anchored and boundaried, allowing healing and answers to come through.